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What is Chromogenic Bacteria Staining?

It is the discolouration of teeth due to stain-forming bacteria.

Extrinsic staining

Staining of the teeth can be a very serious aesthetic issue for children, they might become embarrassed about their teeth and it might affect their self-esteem.

Why are the teeth stained?

Types of stainings Source/Aetiology Appearance Appearance
Black Stain
  1. Chromogenic Bacteria
  2. Iron containing oral solution
Thin black line, firmly attached to the tooth surface
  1. Near gum line on front & back of teeth
  2. Area in between teeth
Orange Stain Chromogenic bacteria   front and back of upper incisors
Green Stain In children frequently associated with inadequate plaque removal (brushing) Green or greenish yellow stains of considerable thickness front surface of upper incisors

What can be done about the staining?

  • 1. Proper diet and habits:
    Extrinsic staining due to food and beverages is treated by thorough dental prophylaxis (cleaning) and also cessation of the contributory dietary habits (e.g sticky food like chocolate biscuits & coloured beverages like tea and chocolate drink).
  • 2. Toothbrushing with toothpaste:
    Effective toothbrushing twice or three times a day can remove bacteria that causes the staining from accumulating in the oral cavity. However, the use of specific whitening toothpaste is not necessary.
  • 3. Regular visits to the dentist:
    Regular cleaning by the dentist can reduce the buildup of stains
  • 4. Chromogenic stains will reduce as child grows up:
    As the type of bacteria changes when the child grows up, the chromogenic bacteria stains will reduce with the eruption of the permanent teeth.