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Impacted wisdom tooth

Whenever we hear people talking about wisdom teeth, we immediately get the impression of pain and swelling! In this article, we will explore some of the common questions and misconceptions about wisdom teeth   What are impacted wisdom teeth? The wisdom tooth is the...

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What is minimal intervention dentistry

The key to achieving better dental health is dependent on patients' compliance with good oral hygiene and dietary practices to a large extent, but your dentist can help you move in that direction in many ways. For one, the dental team can be proactive; and incorporate...

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Implant decision

Implants. What should we be aware of before embarking on implant therapy. What are implants? They are titanium "screws" that are placed in the jaw bone via a surgery to function as roots. Crowns or bridges are connected over the implants to replace missing teeth. Due...

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening (also known as bleaching of teeth) should be differentiated from removal of extrinsic stains from teeth. Extrinsic stains includes teeth discoloration due to smoking; intake of staining food/beverages eg coffee and tea; medicines like chlorhexidine...

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The new era of Multidisciplinary dentistry

As the practice of dentistry matures in Singapore, people are more aware of the advances that have occurred since a decade ago to create or maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. More dentists have also gone on to sub-specialize so that they are able to provide their...

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A whiter smile for Christmas

Are teeth ever naturally white? Teeth are not naturally pure white in most people. The colour of our teeth is determined by (a) the composite colour of all the structures that make up the tooth - the outer layer of enamel, the inner layer of dentine as well as the...

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Dentures – Who Needs Them?

Why do people lose their teeth?   Patients can lose their teeth for various reasons – trauma from a fall in early childhood; tooth decay or fracture in adulthood; to periodontal (gum disease) in their older years. In the last Adult Oral Health Survey carried out in...

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