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For Our Patient

Multi disciplinary orthodontics (braces)

The Game "All I want is to straighten my teeth. Why are you sending me from room to room to see so many specialists?" "I feel like I'm a ball being passed around ! " "Do you guys know what you are doing?" "Tell me exactly, which one of you is in charge of my case?"...

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Frequent questions about braces

Why do some people have nicely arranged teeth while others do not? Just as with the colour of our skin, eyes or hair, the arrangement of our teeth is also largely influenced by hereditary factors. Heredity will influence the size, shape and relationship of the jaw...

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Advice about Orthodontic Treatment

The following advice is supplied routinely to anyone considering orthodontic treatment. Normally, excellent orthodontic results can be achieved with close co-operation between, parent and orthodontist. The benefits of orthodontics are a pleasing smile and healthy...

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