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At the Oral Care Centre, we believe that comprehensive oral diagnosis, treatment planning and management require a holistic approach in recognizing every patient as unique and with varying dental expectations.

To reflect this, our practice offers treatment services in all aspects of dentistry to ensure all your dental needs are well taken care of, whilst maintaining a high level of comfort in all our treatments.

Thorough Dental Examination And Diagnosis

Meticulous checks and full charting for decay, attrition, erosion, gum disease, oral cancer, bite disorders etc. are performed. X rays are done when appropriate. Diet counseling is carried out as well, as part of preventive dentistry.

Restorative dentistry

The full range includes:

  • 1. Fillings/restorations – in tooth coloured or conventional silver or gold.
  • 2. Aesthetic dentistry – teeth whitening, veneers, full porcelain crowns and metal ceramic crowns and bridges.
  • 3. Full/partial dentures – plastic(acrylic), chrome, repairs or reline.
  • 4. Dental implants(e) full mouth rehabilitation and Temporo-mandibular joint rehabilitation and atypical facial pain

Periodontal therapy

Treatment of gum disease – Periodontal debridement (deep scaling), surgical debridement (gum surgery), crown lengthening surgeries and gum grafts.

Preventive dentistry

Fissure sealant – “fillings” to protect newly erupted permanent teeth from decay in children
Fluoride therapy – to prevent decay in children’s teeth as well as adults who are prone to decay
Mouth guards – prevention of mouth injuries during contact sports as well as from grinding/clenching. (bruxism)


Root canal treatment with the use of a dental microscope to save teeth with infected nerves. Surgical root canal treatment when conventional root canal treatment has failed.

Oral surgery

Extraction of teeth and surgical removal of embedded roots.
Diagnosis of wisdom teeth pain.

Implant therapy

Restoration of missing teeth with implants. Implants used are supported by research that that is internationally recognized. Treatment planning of implant therapy includes a full prosthodontic work up with study models, 3D images if needed, surgical guides and a restoration which is of the highest quality.


Correction of mal-aligned (crooked) teeth using braces of different types, ranging from removable, fixed, lingual and aesthetic invisible appliances. Patients can range from toddlers to geriatric, each with their own specific treatment needs and management goals.

Interceptive management of congenital, developing and potential malocclusions in young children due crowding, spacing; eruption aberrations; missing and extra teeth; growth discrepancies in jaw lengths; tongue and lip habits.

Combined surgical-orthodontic management of severe dento-facial and jaw problems.

Multi-disciplinary management of adult patients with advanced gum disease, missing teeth, root canal treatment, implants, dentures, prostheses.

Practical approach to a paced and individualized management of malocclusions in children and teenagers with special needs (autism, developmental delays, syndromes) and disabilities.


Children’s dentistry. Treatment of oral diseases in children, matching the latest materials with behaviour management techniques to put children at ease. It is recommended that children should start visiting a dentist as young as 2 years old and our practice is geared towards the special needs of children.

Radiological services

Both intra-oral and extra-oral Xrays are available. From the periapical radiograph to the panoramic radiograph, lateral cephalometry and the 3D cone beam computer tomography. All in digital format which reduces radiation exposure and for ease of communication with your referring dentist.

Special care dentistry

Patients with special needs such as post chemo and radio therapy, oral and maxillo facial prosthesis, domiciliary visits for certain procedures. We also treat patients who are autistic, with Down’s syndrome or other syndromes / developmental delays.