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What is General Anaesthesia?

Medically induced state of unconsciousness and loss of protective reflexes resulted from the administration of anaesthetic agents.

Who requires general anaesthesia?

  • Very young patient that are at a pre-cooperative age
  • Very apprehensive patient that cannot accept dental treatment even with inhalation sedation
  • Patient with complex medical/physical/mental condition that requires treatment in a controlled environment
  • Extensive dental treatment involving multiple extractions
  • Patient who requires immediate, comprehensive oral care, i.e cellulitis (serious infection that limits mouth opening) or dental trauma

How long will the child be under general anaesthesia?

The length of treatment will depend on the type and amount of dental treatment that is required by the patient, but generally treatment last about an hour, inclusive of the induction of anaesthesia.

What to take note before and after general anaesthesia?

  • Patient has to be fit and healthy; patient with medical conditions requires a medical report from the attending physician prior to the general anaesthesia.
  • Patient has to fast for eight hours prior to the general anaesthesia, which includes not ingesting plain water and milk.
  • After the treatment, patient might feel tired and drowsy; hence no other activity should be planned for the rest of the day.
  • The patient may not remember about the procedure later (amnesic effect) due to combination of anaesthetic agents used.
  • The patient has to be accompanied by his or her parents or guardian.