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What are Dens Evaginatus?

Dens Evaginatus is a developmental anomaly that presents as a tubercle protruding from the biting surfaces of posterior teeth and palatal surface of anterior teeth. This tubercle can contain a fine nerve ending from the pulp of the tooth.

What happen if a dens evaginatus fracture?

As it is more prominent, the tubercle may be worn or fractured when chewing/biting against the opposing tooth. When the dentine (inner layer of tooth) and sometimes the pulp is exposed to the oral environment, the pulp can get infected and result in an abscess (swelling due to pus accumulation).

How to treat dens evaginatus?

The tubercle, if not fractured, can be prophylactically reinforced with composite resin. If the tubercle has been broken, the exposed dentine should be covered with a layer of composite resin.

What happen if the tooth gets an infection?

Treatment options includes:

  • 1. Conventional root canal therapy for fully developed tooth
  • 2. Barrier formation at the apex of immature tooth
  • 3. Vital pulp therapy to encourage the root tip to continue growing
  • 4. Re-vitalize infected tooth by encouraging the blood vessels to regenerate into the root
  • 5. Extraction if orthodontic treatment is necessary