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The Oral Care Centre for Children

Early detection and prevention is an integral part of Dentistry which is why dental health is as important for toddlers and children as it is with the grown-ups. We know that often times it’s difficult for parents to convince their children to go for regular dental visits more so the very first one.

This is where The Oral Care Centre for Children enter.

As a specialist dental clinic, we have dentists who specialize in taking care of your children’s teeth and monitoring its growth and development. Our Children’s dentist works hand in hand with our Orthodontist (dentist who specialized in aligning the teeth) to ensure optimal care and growth of your children’s teeth. Both are specially-trained to handle children even the ones who are difficult to handle.

The Oral Care Centre for Children makes sure that your children’s first dental visit is a positive one. We have a kiddie room where the children can freely play, read books, draw and do puzzles. This promotes a very happy and fun place for your children’s dental visit and we hope to show them that they don’t have to be scared of going to the dentist.

We boast of comprehensive dental care and state-of-the-art dental technology, as such that as your children grow older they can transition to our adult specialists who work seamlessly with both our child specialists.

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The Oral Care Centre For Children. Creating healthy smiles, the fun way.